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The beginning

Working in an office, in a chair, at a desk, with a computer tapping the keys all day, everyday, gets very monotonous. Being a creative person I need an outlet thats more creative or I go crazy. So as an early birthday present my boyfriend (he is usually the person who has to put up with my crazy) had a great idea to pay my way through a creative course.
I had no idea how many courses there are in the Wellington region! Theres a creative outlet for everything from pottery to web design. Being a bit over whelmed I chose to do a course a friend had done so I knew it was good.

A silver smithing jewellery course!

Its so much fun! I say that only having been to one class but I made my very first ring out of copper as you can see below..


Making things with your own hands is so satisfying and I recommend it to everyone!


Pretty prints

It feel like forever ago but only a few weeks ago I was traveling around the South Island, New Zealand with my boyfriend in his little nana car struggling to go up hills. One of the places I loved is also one of the most popular tourist destinations of New Zealand.


Such a beautiful place! Packed full of amazing restaurants, craft beer, and of course souvenir shops. Amongst all this hustle and bustle of tourists I discovered this cute little design shop which I cannot remember the name of but WOW I just loved everything I saw! But my absolutely mostest, favouritest thing I saw was these prints by Laura Shallcrass. The detail is inspiring and simply gorgeous. Being rather low on funds at this stage of the trip I opted for these beautiful postcards that caught my eye but were still super affordable.


So with my good intentions I bought them home wrapped safely in bubble wrap, hidden from the storm that hit that very day, and decided I would frame them as a center piece in the lounge.

Bunny_II__w_  IMG_2638  Twinkle_Toes

These were my three chosen ones for the frames and off to work I went. I got some cheap frames from Briscoes because there is always a sale on so I was bound to find something cheap. As I suspected I found some for $7 each. Unfortunately when i got them home the cardboard frame inside was awkwardly small so I went on a mission to get a craft knife to fix this situation.

photo 1And WA LAphoto6

So easy!