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The beginning

Working in an office, in a chair, at a desk, with a computer tapping the keys all day, everyday, gets very monotonous. Being a creative person I need an outlet thats more creative or I go crazy. So as an early birthday present my boyfriend (he is usually the person who has to put up with my crazy) had a great idea to pay my way through a creative course.
I had no idea how many courses there are in the Wellington region! Theres a creative outlet for everything from pottery to web design. Being a bit over whelmed I chose to do a course a friend had done so I knew it was good.

A silver smithing jewellery course!

Its so much fun! I say that only having been to one class but I made my very first ring out of copper as you can see below..


Making things with your own hands is so satisfying and I recommend it to everyone!


Birthday Roundup!


1. Quinn Cushion 2. Pursuit Chevron Cushion 3. Quest Cushion 4. Temptress Vest 5. Rifle Paper co. Leopard Iphone case 6. Ecoya Metro Jar in Vanilla Bean 7. Jett dinnerware 8. Tre Table lamp